L’Italiano Food

The best traditional Italian dishes on the menu at L’Italiano Food

Unique to Milan, L’Italiano Food combines the excellence of the Italian food and wine tradition with a more modern and innovative touch, maintaining the genuineness and quality of each dish brought to the table.

L’Italian Food is not just another pub. It is, rather, a place to stop in and enjoy delectable Italian products presented in the form of hamburgers, pizza and exquisite meats and cheeses.

Those who want to taste traditional Italian food in Milan, and who to experiment with new forms of these recipes, will find the best of “made in Italy” in L’Italiano Food.

The food is served by courteous staff who are available and mindful of meeting any need.

As true Italian culinary tradition proscribes, L’Italian Food uses only first choice ingredients, carefully selected raw materials from local trusted suppliers to guarantee only the best in terms of quality, taste and authenticity.

L’Italiano Food it is an intimate and welcoming venue, with an informal and youthful atmosphere. Here you can spend a relaxing evening of relaxation sipping beers selected from the best breweries in Italy and enjoying platters of the best local and Italian food products.

You can also stop for dinner at the restaurant, thanks to a rich and varied menu of tasty burger and pizza specialities.

The meat, fish and toppings of every dish are always fresh and seasonal, causing you to rediscover the flavours and fragrances of a delightful land of goodness.

Hamburger Vegan and Vegetarian

L’Italiano Food brings the best natural ingredients to the table, using recipes especially created for those who follow a meat-free diet. The vegan and vegetarian burgers on the menu have all the taste and goodness of traditional burgers: they are prepared with fresh and seasonal vegetables and the best Italian food and wine products, such as Andra's fior di latte or Castelmagro cheese.

High Quality And Accessible Prices As In The Best Low Cost Restaurants In Milan

The menu at L’Italiano Food presents high quality, tasty meals at the affordable prices of the best low-cost restaurants in Milan. Potatoes, side courses and sauces are included with many of L’Italian Food’s dishes, permitting you to enjoy quality cuisine without spending excessively. The informal atmosphere of this place helps make it one of the favourite destinations in the city.

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