Succulent meat dishes

Polpette di carne dell’Italiano

Meatballs, San Marzano tomato sauce


Salsiccia dell’Italiano

Grilled sausage served with baked potatoes and spicy sauce served separately


Tagliata di pollo

Sliced grilled chicken with grilled veget


Tagliata fresca

Sliced Piedmontese meat, rocket, parmesan


Tagliata saporita

Piedmontese meat cut with porcini mushrooms


Costolette di agnello alla griglia

Lamb chops with baked potatoes


Costata (400gr)

Beef rib, baked potatoe


Galletto alla diavola

Vallespluga cockerel cooked in a wood oven, baked potatoes, deviled sauce served separately


L’Italiano Food daily selects the finest meats from the best pastures of Italy, and in particular of Piedmont, for the preparation of dishes that are rich in taste and goodness. In addition to the burgers and cured meats, you can choose from inviting meat dishes that were made to be appreciated by true connoisseurs and to be accompanied with a good Italian beer or a rich platter of Italian appetizers.

For those who love quality meat, the sausage by metre is made with choice pork and veal and accompanied by Sicilian caponatina, baked potatoes and special pickles. On the meat dishes menu there is also the “Due spiedini dello chef” specialty, which consists of tender, juicy pork, veal and beef skewers accompanied by delicious baked potatoes.

L’Italiano Food also offers flavourful white meat dishes: the roasted chicken with potatoes is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a good authentic meal. Baking in a wood oven actually enhances the flavour of the meat and makes for an appetizing, unforgettable dish.

L’Italiano Food’s meat specialties make it the perfect place to spend an informal evening ing pork, veal, beef and chicken from the best Italian farms.

Each type of meat is cooked according to tradition in order to keep its properties intact and to always render it tender and juicy to the palate.

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