The best of Italian Cuisine in Milan

L’Italiano Food offers a menu full of goodness and excellence of Italian cuisine. Here it is possible to taste cutting boards rich in goodness such as cured meats, cheeses and any other specialty typical of Lombardy and all of Italy.

L’Italiano Food was created out of a passion for Italian excellence and the desire to revive Italian cuisine in Milan through combining the most traditional recipes with something innovative and modern.

The result is high quality dishes that can be enjoyed while sipping a good beer during an informal evening out with friends.

With a menu that includes hamburgers, platters, salads and chef’s specialities, L’Italiano Food is synonymous with quality.

The carefully selected local meats, the best fish of the Italian seas, the prime quality.


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toppings that come only from local producers, and the bread prepared according to tradition, are transformed into meals that are rich in taste and sensory experiences.

L’Italiano Food also offers pizza in all its versions and variations, respecting the traditional recipe that proscribes long leavening for a light dough that is soft inside and crispy outside.

From buffalo mozzarella to tomato sauce, the toppings are always fresh and of the day: the aim is to offer the palate the authentic flavors of an all-Italian story that has always excelled in its goodness and authenticity.

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