Authentic Piedmontese steak

Wurstel e patatine fritte

Wurstel and french fries


Cotoletta e patatine fritte

Cutlet with french fries


L’Italiano Food satisfies the desire for meat with a wide selection that includes burgers, main courses and the much loved and appreciated steak. The Milanese restaurant daily selects the finest cuts of meat from the most renowned farms and pastures of Piedmont. Only Italian meat that is authentic, tasty, subject to strict controls and completely safe for the customer is brought to the table.

L’Italiano Food’s “Tagliata fresca” fresh steak is one of the items on the menu. The dish consists of Piedmontese meat seasoned with rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes, green sauce and Maldon sauce.
Another sumptuous choice is the “Tagliata saporita”, a steak of Piedmontese meat with taleggio and porcini mushrooms. Finally, you can also order beef ribs accompanied by delicious baked potatoes.

L’Italiano Food is therefore the ideal steak house at which to try different steak recipes ranging from the classic to the chef’s revised versions that are cooked to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Every customer who chooses this place in the centre of Milan has the certainty of having only Italian and Piedmontese meat seasoned with first choice ingredients carefully selected from the best suppliers.

Tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes and cheese marry meat in a surprising way, satisfying every desire for goodness and a tasty cut of meat that is cooked to the right degree, tender and absolutely unparalleled in its goodness.

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