The best vegan burger in Milan

La Puglia
sorprende sempre

Vegetable burger 180 gr (potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), fior di latte from Andria, tomato, yogurt sauce, cereal bread, served with french fries


(Served with french fries)

L’Italiano Food makes the quality of raw materials its mission, which is why it only offers dishes made with carefully selected ingredients from the best local and Italian suppliers.

Each item on the menu is a guarantee of goodness and authencity and is also suitable for those who follow a healthy, vegan or vegetarian diet.

The unique restaurant is therefore ideal for those who want to savour the rich and intense flavour of a vegan burger prepared with 100% vegetable produce that is fresh in season and carefully selected.

Mushrooms, salads, tomatoes, sauces, tofu and many other ingredients are put together to create a rich mix of flavours and provide good food that is also healthy.

Among the vegetarian burgers of Milan, those prepared at L’Italiano Food are certainly among the best: they are gourmet and are prepared with the most famous Italian gastronomic products.

Particular attention is also paid to bread, which is handmade according to tradition.The bread is left to rise for many hours to render it light, easily digestible and rich in goodness.

Choosing L’Italiano Food means being in the centre of Milan and enjoying a good, authentic burger prepared entirely with 100% vegetable ingredients. The staff is available to meet any food requirement, even for those managing intolerances and allergies. Customers are assurred that the highest quality of products are used in the burgers, which are perfect for satisying a sudden desire for goodness at lunch, dinner or at any time of day.

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