All-Italian taste

L’Italiano Food is synonymous with the excellence that has made Italy great in the world.

Offering dishes that are suitable for children as well as adults, this unique Milanese restaurant brings to the table the best Italian flavours in a modern way, The homemade pizza is made according to a traditional recipe: it is left to rise for hours so that the dough becomes light, crisp and tasty.

The toppings are always fresh, seasonal and selected daily from trusted suppliers. This makes every pizza absolutely flavourful and authentic and loved by the young and the old.

L’Italiano Food also offers a rich choice of meat burgers prepared with top quality ingredients chosen from safe and certified breeders.

A Made in Italy product of excellence, meat is offered as a modern dish to eat during a relaxing, fun evening out.

For those who love the true taste of traditional Italian cured meats and local cheeses, L’Italiano Food offers a wide selection of platters laden with local products from every region of Italy.

This unique restaurant in Milan offers only the best of Italian gastronomic tradition, to be enjoyed in peace after a day of work or on weekends.

For true connoisseurs of beer, L’Italiano Food is a precious reference point. Here you can taste the best Italian beers, carefully chosen to offer customers only flavourful and authentic products. L’Italiano Food is synonymous with excellence and quality, both in regards to its menu and in regards to its service.

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