Made in Italy pasta, fresh and handmade

Paccheri alla sorrentina

Pasta with mozzarella di bufala cheese

little tomatoes Pachino



Paccheri alla norma

Pasta with tomato sauce


salted ricotta



Spaghetti alla Bolognese

Spaghetti with tomato

and special selected meat


Short pasta with jowl bacon

with jowl bacon


tomato and

roman pecorino cheese


L’Italiano Food takes the most famous Italian recipes and reinterprets them according to a more modern and informal concept that suits a relaxing evening with friends or family. From appetizers to dessert, every menu item reviews the great classics of local and Italian cuisine, using excellent raw materials selected from trusted suppliers in Lombardy and across Italy.

The first courses are all prepared with fresh Italian pasta that is handmade according to tradition.
Its spaghetti, penne, fusilli, tagliatelle and every kind of pasta make L’Italiano Food one of the most unique restaurants in the city. With many recipes for adults and children and the most refined and demanding tastes, the menu will satisfy those who want only the best in terms of goodness, quality and authenticity.

From the sauce prepared with seasonal tomatoes and the freshest oregano, to the meat sauce, mozzarella and any other ingredient used in the recipes, every item on the menu is a journey into the flavours and fragrances of Italy at this pasta restaurant in Milan.

For those who want to eat pasta in an informal, welcoming and relaxing place, enjoying the best traditional Italian recipes revisited in a modern style, L’Italiano Food has what you are looking for. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide range of appetizers, burgers, cured meats and cheeses, salads and desserts for a meal full of taste and goodness.

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