Artisanal desserts in Milan, daily fresh and delectable

Pinsa con Nutella

Pinsa with nutella (with hazelnut or coconut flakes, or smarties, or icing sugar)


Cannolo Siciliano

Sicilian cannolo




Cassata al forno con ricotta

Baked cassata cake with ricotta cheese


Cheesecake di frutti di bosco

Berries flavour Cheesecake


Tortino al cioccolata

Little chocolate cake


Panna cotta



2 Ice-cream balls flavour by your choise choccolate, cream and limon



Caprese Cake


Macedonia di frutta fresca

Fresh fruit salad


L’Italiano Food satisfies that sweet tooth with a rich array of homemade desserts. Each recipe is created in an on-site workshop by the restaurant’s confectioner: the best delights of Italian confectionary and pastries are produced here every day. Those looking for a good place to enjoy artisanal desserts in Milan cannot but help stopping in at L’Italiano Food.

Satisfy a sudden desire for goodness at any time of day, or after a lunch or a dinner, by indulging in fresh ingredients combined with art and an explosion of delectable sweetness.

The L’Italiano Food dessert menu includes Sicilian cannolo, tiramisu, cassata with oven-baked ricotta, jam tart, chocolate cake, panna cotta and many other delights.

Each recipe in the Italian tradition is reviewed in a modern style, personalized and served in an original way: customers will appreciate not only the taste but also the sight of the desserts.

Each dessert is prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. In selecting its eggs, milk, cocoa, ricotta and jams from only the best suppliers, L’Italiano Food ensures the maximum taste and authenticty of its desserts. The restaurant has made Italian quality its watchword, both in terms of its desserts and in terms of every other dish on the menu. In fact, the goal is to please the customer not only with the chef’s skill but also with the quality of the raw materials and the excellence of the gastronomic products.

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