Our beers

The best fermented beer

L’Italiano Food offers the best Italian beer in a welcoming and informal atmosphere that is great for a relaxing evening

Each beer is selected from the best breweries and allows you to revel in the intense flavour, aromatic notes and typical aftertaste of each type.

Blond, red or dark, L’Italiano Food has a beer for everyone and permits you to discover even the most exclusive flavours, industry news and the best in terms of taste and quality.

L’ Italiano Food serves the best high fermentation beer with fine organoleptic properties.

The beer is produced with first choice ingredients in modern, innovative breweries

where the ancient techniques of preparation are combined with newer practices, providing a unique and inimitable taste that can only be discovered in this exclusive place in Milan.

L’Italiano Food is the perfect place for true connoisseurs who like to sip special and refined beers, perhaps alongside a good hamburger, pizza or rich platter of meats and cheeses.

Italian Food makes quality its trademark. It is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy authentic dishes flavours in an informal, relaxing and pleasant venue.

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